Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

We care about bringing a safe and kind environment to develop activities and events.

ZoomerCamps is a community marketplace that brings together facilitators, parents, campers, and other members of the community. The safety and comfort of all participants is a priority to us. These are our guidelines to achieve the context we want to provide:

We are respectful ZoomerCamps is ruled by a Code of conduct (clickable to code of conduct) for facilitators, parents, and children as well. We ask all our communities to stick to this code, which is based on treating each other with respect, assuming our uniqueness and diversity in a broad sense. If you experience any kind of disrespectful or discriminatory behavior towards you, let us know at We are open to feedback, and we will be glad to try to amend unpleasant drawbacks that might occur.

**We are careful ** Our live activities run on a video conferencing platform called Zoom. All Zoom meetings on ZoomerCamps are password protected to make sure that facilitators and campers can securely access them. Also, our Zoom meetings are settled to make facilitators the host of the meeting. So essential Zoom functions like screen sharing and audio/video, are managed by facilitators. In case of a non allowed event happening, facilitators can take action immediately.

We are dedicated In ZoomerCamps, we work hard to provide curated activities with suitable content and proposals for children and families. We follow a dedicated process of analysis to ensure that both facilitators and activities are proper to provide valuable and positive experience. Learn about our pedagogical background in

We are checked We screen every facilitator and member of our team for their background, attitude to children, and motivation to the ZoomerCamps proposal. We make a constant monitoring of activities and permanent coaching to Activity Facilitators. • Background check: we conduct an SSN-based background check for identity verification and criminal record checks before a facilitator begins offering activities in our portal.

We promote online safety We suggest a responsible adult monitors kids´ participation in live activities. We follow a privacy policy you can consult at any time. We’ve compiled useful resources and recommendations on online privacy and safety in our help center.

We are open to feedback ZoomerCamps is about learning and development. We are question friendy and open to feedback. We look forward to doing better every time we can. So please, let us know if there is anything you would like to suggest. Comments are welcome at

We are inspiration driven Everything we do in ZoomerCamps is driven by inspiration. Our goal is to provide a diverse and inclusive environment where children can feel that every person is unique and valuable. All practices promoted in our portal look forward to that achievement. If you help us as part of our community, we will get there together.

Your participation in ZoomerCamps is subject to our Terms of Use. Don´t forget to check out our Privacy Policy.

We are looking for activity facilitators!

If you have an idea for an activity and you would like to share it with our campers, please fill out the application below and we will be in touch.