ZoomeCamps is a question-friendly space. All questions are welcome! Below are our frequently asked questions. If you want to know something else, reach out to us!

How does the Portal work?

The portal offers learning activities for children in different áreas for ages 3 up to 9. You can acquire credits through our CamperCoins System, and children can use them to choose the activities they like. They can register in as many activities as they like, and complete their weekly schedule with different experiences. It’s a camp that they can choose for themselves!

Do parents have to stay with children during the activities?

There is no need for parents to stay during activities. However, younger children will need an adult to connect to live activities. As always, we recommend an adult nearby just in case the children need any assistance. Parents can enjoy activities with children in ZoomerCamps, but our proposal is designed for kids to interact in groups on their own in order to have an independent, and safe experience.

Can children purchase activities or any other things in the site?

No, children cannot purchase services or products on their own without adult supervision. Our CamperCoins System is handled by adults, using their special user accounts. Kids can choose and register in the available activities, spending the CamperCoins available in their profiles, as per administered by their parent or guardian’s user account. Children are not addressed by the system to purchase CamperCoins by themselves.

How many children in my family can register in one activity?

All of your kids can participate! It’s up to each family to decide how to use the purchased CamperCoins. Notice that each activity represents CamperCoins for one profile. If you want to register two kids in the same activity, you have to register two profiles.

Are the Activity Facilitators certified teachers?

Some Activity Facilitators (AFs) are teachers, some of them are counselors, artists, and trainers. Many of them are students in different fields. All of them are dedicated to delivering well-prepared learning activities for campers. They are enthusiastic individuals committed to this project and are interested in helping children develop new skills. ZoomerCamps encourages diversity as a social improvement tool, and we encourage people from different fields and backgrounds to join our team. Our pedagogic team requires background checks from all applicants.

We are looking for activity facilitators!

If you have an idea for an activity and you would like to share it with our campers, please fill out the application below and we will be in touch.