ZoomerCamps packages adapt to all possibilities. We want everyone to have access to knowledge and fun.


We designed our packages as a tool to simplify the overall operation in ZoomerCamps. Each package represents credits in CamperCoins that the kids will utilize for their activities. Monetary transactions can be made only by the adults (user) in a pin protected section. Higher value packages come with a bigger Bonus (FREE CamperCoins).

Package #1

$8 USD

Gets you


Package #2

$20 USD

Gets you


Package #3

$60 USD

Gets you



Package #4

$96 USD

Gets you



How does it work?

How does it work?

Parents or adults in charge purchase tokens (called CamperCoins) in advance to assign them to one or multiple kids (profiles) in a user´s account. Each Profile is a kid who will need CamperCoins to register in the activities.

The System is straightforward; adults purchase in advance packages with CamperCoins, which children will use as credits to get into each activity. Parents assing CamperCoins, and children are to choose how to use them regarding their interests and experiences in ZoomerCamps.

Introducing CamperCoins System

Introducing CamperCoins System

CamperCoins is the monetary asset that you need to participate in ZoomerCamps activities. CamperCoins System is a simple payment method designed to help the family organization and to stimulate children´s administration skills.

Each CamperCoin has a fixed value of USD 0.25. The CamperCoins System works as a digital wallet for your kids.

Saving, Budgeting, Spending

Saving, Budgeting, Spending

Children are “developmentally capable’’ of saving at age 5. The real benefit comes with parental guidance on saving, budgeting, and spending. It creates habits that allow them to learn how to administrate resources.

The System is designed to help children develop their decision-making process and administration ability by handling CamperCoins credits usage and balances along the time. Teaching kids how to budget and save isn’t an option. It’s essential.

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